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ESTIA Project has a new direction: Norway

ESTIA – “Preventing violent extremism and against radicalisation in Europe through Youth Empowerment and Work” aims to address youth radicalisation and its associated use of violence – an issue of concern that is present across Europe and its neighbouring regions. The ESTIA project identifies the need to work with and strengthen the resilience of these young people. In order to do so, ESTIA emphasises critical thinking and ways to help them recognise the harm that violence can do to them and their communities.  It does so through highlighting the value of youth participation as an instrument against radicalisation leading to violence as well as youth work’s role and mission to focus on young people’s lives, and contribute to their general long-term development and well-being making the topic an extension of general youth work, aimed at youth empowerment and community cohesion. 


We would like to introduce one more time our partners from ESTIA: The Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute (Fifty-Fifty), Veksttorget – VT, Capital Youth Association’s, The Association for Social Economy and Lifelong Learning (A.S.E.L. RO). With all of our partners, we keep organising various different and fruitful meetings/activities. After the kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece in January 2023, we held a youth festival and NGO exhibition with the topic of “ Let every voice be heard” in Bucharest, Romania. Now, we are looking forward to having our training course of the ESTIA Project on the subject of “Building young people’s resilience against violent radicalisation” in Steinkjer, Norway  between 30th of May and  2nd June 2023. It will be the 2nd mobility of the ESTIA project. 


More information on how the second mobility in Norway went will follow in our next newsmail. You can also follow us on our social media channels to follow the second mobility.


Stay tuned!


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