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APY, Armenia – Fighting for Gender Equality Through Youth Work with “STRIVE”

Fighting for Gender Equality Through Youth Work with “STRIVE”

It has been only one week since the “STRIVE – Striving for Gender Equality Through Youth Work” project came to its end in the beautiful town of Dilijan, Armenia. 35 youth workers, educators and youth trainers gathered in Armenia to explore gender-related concepts and analyse traditions, roles and perceptions of gender in different European countries and societies. The project equipped young people with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to support their fight against gender inequality, gender bias and so much more. 

Nicolai Cuznetov was one of our participants from Moldova. He says the project was very educational in many different aspects: “I gathered profound knowledge about gender equality. I also learned a large number of interesting and important techniques that will help me in the future. I became much more attentive to the issue of gender equality. I also loved Armenia since the people here are very hospitable. The landscapes in Armenia are breathtaking, great food and fresh air, all this had a very positive effect on me”. 

Anna Dineva from Bulgaria says that the topics included in the training course were extremely interesting and close to her heart. “The issue of inequality has a constant presence in our lives and it’s important to have safe spaces where you can share, learn and think of practical solutions. I was truly inspired by the many young people I met and got to work with. Maybe the most important thing I learned is the importance of compassion. I fell in love even with the small part of Armenia I got to know. Dilijan is a beautiful city and I’m very happy that we could stay in that region, surrounded by nature”.

Our participant from the Netherlands, Luca, also shared their experience. “I learned a lot during the training sessions and from individual conversations. I learned so much about the quality of life in different countries and about how much we need to do to improve female rights and equality. Also, I learned about my own needs as a neurodiverse, non-gendered individual and how to stand up for myself. My experience in Armenia was impressive. I’m in love with the country itself but I’ve had a short experience of how minorities could feel living here. When arriving at the location, I felt very welcomed and I fell in love with nature and the architecture”.

The project is implemented by the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO in collaboration with Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB). The project is funded under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


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