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Governing Board, back together again!

The YEU family continues on its way at full speed, only keeping the beloved one in our hearts… Vlada, the one and only…

The YEU Governing Board and Administrative Office had a fruitful meeting between 27th and 30th of March in Thessaloniki, Greece. It had been quite some time since the entire team got together and had a face-to-face meeting.

YEU GB had a lot of topics to talk about on their agenda. Transition period, working groups for 2022, YEU convention 2022, ongoing projects, upcoming events have been discussed during the meeting.

While two activities, “Brave New You” Youth Exchange and “Plan B” training course, were happening in the same venue, GB members also spent some time with the participants of both events. After all the online meetings and sessions, this was an amazing opportunity for the YEU family to come together on beautiful spring days.

We will keep you updated, stay tuned!


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