Increasing the skills of regional youth – IRELI

One of the main goals of the “Ireli” Public Union is to develop the youth network in the regions and to carry out continuous activities to support the personal development of the youth of the region. The Union, which gives special attention and care to the youth of the region in the events it carries out, further increasing this, is implementing the project “Increasing the skills of regional youth” in order to form coordinating centres in the regions.

The main goal of the project is to develop the soft skills of young people living in the regions, to expand their initiative by increasing their knowledge in writing projects, PR, youth work, digital youth work and using online tools with young people. These meetings will create conditions for the formation of youth work centres in the regions, which will support the increase of youth activity.

The project is planned to be implemented in 8 regions. Currently, within the framework of the project, we have held meetings with young people from 3 regions, and in these meetings, about 100 participants took part in training and seminars on the topic, and applied their knowledge in practice through group work.


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