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Meet YEU PET facilitator Raziya Dadashzade

As someone who owes a large part of my development to youth work and non-formal education, I am also trying to contribute to the youth being a part of YEU PET”, with this words  YEU PET facilitator Raziya Dadashzade described her engagement in the YEU PET Platform and what non-formal education and youth work mean for her as crucial factor for her professional growth and choices. 

Since her studying years, she took part in numerous local and international projects moving her firsts step in the youth work field. Now, with 4 years of experience, Raziya is developing her expertise in the field of youth work and project management working in Ireli Public Union, also part of the YEU MOs network.  

Rising youth self-improvement by meeting their real needs and creating spaces for sharing are some of the goals that drive Raziya in her daily commitment for youth empowerment and flourishing. 

Our campaign will continue next month with a new PET to introduce, keep an eye on our social media and check our next newsletter to find more!


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