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We are now preparing our international Youth Encounters in national groups with our international Partners. That means that we will meet in Germany with about 100 participants who will do activities and at the same time our partners will meet in their countries and we will meet online/hybrid in August!

We are very excited and hope that the camp will be as amazing as we remember it every year!

We have a new colleague!

New colleague for project “International Youth leader card – Northafrica”

Since 1st July 2021, Adeline Haaby is part of Solijugend´s team. Adeline will supervise the project “Juleica North Africa”. The focus of this project is the expansion and qualification of the network between Solijugend and its partners in North Africa. Welcome to the Solijugend team!

“Hi, hallo, salut, hola, marhaba!

My name is Adeline Haaby. I am the new project coordinator in the new Solijugend project “Juleica Northafrica”. My goal is, together with Carolina Sachs, to build long-term bridges between our North African partners and to strengthen mutual cooperation and trust among our active members.
Equality of rights, gender and opportunities, diversity and empathy are of great concern to me and shape both my professional path and activist convictions. Intercultural perspectives and intersectional feminism are my long-known companions: critical views of social power relations are a key concern of mine.

I am the product of a German-French love story and come from the region Alsace. I have lived, studied and worked in beautiful Munich, vibrant Berlin and lively Buenos Aires. After my French-German double degree in communication science and business administration, I obtained my master’s degree in political science. I wrote my master’s thesis on the food lobbies industry within the European Union.
After a few years working in adult education, where I taught German as a second language, I started a long trip in Latin America before the outbreak of the pandemic. In addition to my work at Solijugend, I am enrolled in a second master’s program in Gender Studies. When I’m not devouring books and podcasts, I love deconstructing old beliefs and practices, unraveling conditioned patterns and thinking outside the box. During the day I jog through the green corners of the city and at night I can be caught at Berlin’s diverse and famous salsa nights.”

Link in German:


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