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Together online but with less technology as possible – MOJU explains how

Before the Corona virus came to our life we all used to spend a lot of time online. Now, in quarantine we spend almost all the time in online lessons, meetings or trainings… We speak online, we do sports online, we scroll, watch and create movies…we do everything online. Personally, the online world distracts me a lot. If it’s too much, I get anxious, distracted and I feel tense.

„Everyone is an artist, but only an artist knows that“ – this phrase you can find written on the wall of Modern Art Gallery in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. This is how we came the idea of drawing together activity #Iamtheartist. To do something together using as little technology as possible. What could be better than being able to fill an empty page and bring our thoughts to life and get to know the other person without words?

#Iamtheartist activity takes place several times a week – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 19:00.

At that time the participant of the activity needs to open a Facebook page „Volunteering in Moju “ where the topic of drawing is being published. At first glance the question „Where is the live stream? “ may arise. But, don’t forget and get lost – we need to use as less technology as we can  ☺ . Already topics such as Quarantine, Happiness, Childhood, I and Hope were published. The participant has 30 minutes to express the following topic and himself by drawing. Drawing can be done with anything that can be used to draw. After 30 minutes the participant is invited to make a photo of his art and publish it under the post with the topic. Then everybody can see and like other’s art, also getting a feeling as in a small exhibition. I noticed that many people, when they hear a topic of drawing which sounds complicated, or after they draw and the drawing is  (in their opinion) not as pretty as they thought, they start to excuse themselves – they are not artists, they did not learn how to draw or the topic was too complicated. This can show the level of expectation we have for ourselves, and how perfect we need to be in everything. But #Iamtheartist activity is not about the quality of your art. It is about self-reflection, calmness and quality time with yourself. It is about getting peace in your mind, diving into your thoughts and trying to express them on a piece of paper.

*The photo of art can be sent to Volunteering in Moju page in order to be published anonymously!


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