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U.S.B. Activities

Volunteering opportunities in summer 2021: The Volunteering Team!

On 6th of June, a team formed by seven international and seven Greek volunteers kicked off in Thessaloniki for the first time. The participants collaborate in their tasks each day with one of the partner organisations such as Naomi, Alkyone, Faros tou Kosmou, Koin.S.Ep. Argo, Fix or Oikopolis. Within their work our volunteers organize workshops and activities for vulnerable groups. This short term volunteering project gives young people the opportunity to engage into a large variety of social projects and to be part of an international team within one summer. In the photo you can see some of the volunteers helping at the local psychiatric hospital of the town, with activities such as gardening, painting and repairing items.

Info day about volunteering opportunities in summer 2021

On Wednesday the 09.06.21 USB organized an info day, where we informed candidates that wanted to volunteer for summer youth exchanges and training courses. The meeting happened both online and offline and included information about the project’s setting, their roles and tasks. Furthermore, we integrated interactive tasks where participants had to find solutions to real case scenarios of situations that might occur during their voluntary program.  After these meetings, the volunteers that will facilitate USB were selected, in the roles of facilitator assistant and coordinator assistant. We are very excited about having them in our summer projects.

Workshop: “Digital Media for Intercultural Dialogue”

Our workshop which took place on 15.06.21 and 16.06.21 in the facilities of Oikopolis as part of an international project that tackles the topic “Digital media in youth work”. Within the workshop, the trainers introduced techniques of digital storytelling to share autobiographical experiences of xenophobia and support intercultural dialogue. With this reflection, the participants created short videos in which they shared individual experiences of xenophobia narratively. After several exercises about creating and developing a story into a narration and how to share it in an engaging way, participants recorded them. The narrations were combined with well-chosen pictures and music to increase the power and comprehensibility of the message. This way the workshop involved reflection about own experiences, practical work, information about digital storytelling and journalistic narratives, and several group exercises, ice-breakers, and warm-ups. The feedback from the participants was very positive. The only thing that was criticized was a lack of time to create the videos. Next time we will take that into consideration, that’s for sure!

The project DigitMid has the aim to broaden knowledge and methodologies on how Digital Media can increasingly become a positive tool for young Europeans to develop civic and social skills, and to promote intercultural dialogue. It involves 5 organisations (from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, UK and Greece) that are trying to achieve the improvement of educational methodologies that use Digital Media to foster attitudes and skills related to intercultural dialogue among young Europeans. 

Workshop on Radio-Making

On 22nd and 24th of June, our volunteers attended a workshop on Radio-making, where they learnt how to produce their own radio-show. A focus of the workshop was on how to deal with different technical equipment and which ones to choose for specific scenarios. The workshop was held as part of the Balkan Hotspot program.

Balkan Hotspot is a “media-lab” project were the young people can learn about media tools (online writing, radio, video making, social media) and use them for social and cultural purposes. Through the media activity our international volunteers, in cooperation with the youth of the local society and the other volunteers of our organisation, will contribute to create and maintain a space of free expression and communication among young people, following the principles and the goals of the European Union.


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