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USB – “Pie cutting for 2023”

It is a custom in Greece – among other places –  to cut a pie in households and enterprises for the “good luck” of the year. The pie hides inside itself – in a secret spot – a coin, which is discovered by the person who will be the luckiest of the year, while eating the cake.

For this reason, USB cut its pie on the 2nd of February for a lucky 2023 with the attendance of its members, friends and beloved volunteers. More than 60 people attended the event while, thanks to the sponsors of the event, USB distributed 10 coins, which were connected to 10 gifts for the lucky ones! Each year, this event constitutes one of USB’s community-bonding events, signifying the beginning of the new year with loads of fun and luck!

Before cutting our annual Vasilopita, our Balkan Hotspot volunteers organized a language tandem in our premises for everyone to attend. They organized two hours full of games and activities for locals and internationals to have fun, get to know each other and other cultures as well.


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