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WeYouth – Thomas’ Story: European Solidarity Corps with WeYouth

My European Solidarity Corps with WeYouth for the past ten months, I had the chance to participate in the European Solidarity Corps as a volunteer at the WeYouth Organization in Sfax, Tunisia. My involvement mainly consisted of working in the International Cooperation Department.

During this experience, I was able to develop my skills in project writing, event facilitation and environmental training.

Despite some challenges related to the language and cultural barriers at different events, I was able to adapt to life in Sfax thanks to my encounters, the inclusiveness and the endless generosity of Tunisians.

This experience allowed me to better understand the reality of the challenges Tunisians face on a daily basis, as well as their strength to work and change. This volunteering also allowed me to discover a country rich in history and culture through exceptional people and situations. I had the chance to participate in three youth gatherings and thus travel to five more countries.

These projects have given me extraordinary human values through meeting dozens of international youths who are all unique and different in their backgrounds and cultures. The positivity and warmth of the Tunisians and the other international actors of my volunteering carried me throughout these months rich in experiences.

I would particularly like to thank Alessandra for allowing me to exploit my associative potential in the best way, France Volontaire for the memorable activities with the other volunteers in Tunisia, YEU for the unforgettable experiences as well as my Sfaxian friends who always supported me and stayed by my side during these months.

In summary, this volunteering experience was an unforgettable adventure that allowed me to develop my skills, discover a new country and meet incredible people. I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this rewarding and memorable experience.


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