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YEU Advocacy Initiatives – extended deadline!

Dear YEU friends, as you might remember in previous months, we have already introduced you to our new Advocacy Initiatives and you still have time to register! 

During the end of 2023, three advocacy initiatives will be held to let young people voice up about their needs, opinions and instances! 

In each initiative YEU will, in some way or another, connect local youth all over and beyond Europe with policy and decision makers at EU level to make the youth voice heard. 

Look below to read more and register! 

Days for Advocacy

Youngsters from YEU’s network will discuss on the recognition and professionalisation of youth work, accessibility to quality employment for young people  in the light of EU youth goal number 7 (Quality Employment for All),  and the European Year of Skills’ goal of matching people’s talents and wishes with opportunities on the labour market. 

Link for registration:  

Young Ambassadors for Youth Democratic Participation 

In view of EU Parliament Elections 2024,a network of young ambassadors will design local campaigns to promote youth participation, spreading EU values, initiatives and awareness about  the importance of democratic participation on each governance level, with peers and in their local communities. 

Link for registration: 

No Agenda Advocacy Meetings

The “no agenda advocacy meetings” aim to extend youth representation in EU policies and give a space for youngsters to imagine and discuss together about the future Europe they want. 

No Agenda advocacy Meetings was evaluated in our recent General Assembly where we agreed on potential focus areas and format for an advocacy campaign, which will be co-designed within the next half year. 

The topic of the campaign will mirror the youth requests within the framework of EU youth goals and EU youth strategy.  

Link for registration:     

You are still in time to join the initiatives until the 4th ofSeptember!


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