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YEU Cyprus – ArtSHIFT: ‘A Conference on the Intersection of Art and Social Change’

ArtSHIFT conference took place on the 10th June. The event was organized by YEU Cyprus and ABR (Alternative Brains Rule) and was hosted at the French Institute Cyprus. Her excellency Mrs Salina Grenet-Catalano, the French Ambassador of Cyprus, delivered an opening speech and supported the event. Artists, activists, agents of social change, and civil organizations attended the event.

Alongside three international artists, five local artists shared their views and scope of work with the attendees of the event. The audience first enjoyed Nicole Vindel’s presentation, followed by the thoughts of Christian Drewicke and Julien Soone. Additionally, Sophie Bulbulyan’s inspiring video was played. Afterwards, at the end of the first session, there was an opportunity for the audience to submit their questions through the Q&A sessions.

In the next section, Cyprus based artists presented their thoughts to the audience. Nurtane Karagil was the first, followed by Eisa Baddour, Twenty-Three, PASHIAS, and Athina Kasiou. The audience had the chance to continue with questions to the local speakers after their presentations. Additionally, the breaks, were the perfect places for networking and continued conversations as the participants enthusiastically delved into the raised topics.

In the closing section of the event, the participating artists engaged in a collective discourse, which was followed by a longer Q&A session. Finally, young artists from TESEK – Makarios III Technical School presented their impressive community work.

The French Institute Cyprus, the Cyprus Association of Graphic Designers and Illustrators, the Home for Cooperation, and the Visual Voices were supporters of the event.


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