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YEU GB Members online meeting

Last 26th of April YEU Governing Board and the Secretary General met online to discuss the finalised and being implemented projects besides presenting reports and writing of new projects.

Following the YEU GB had an overview of the fundraising potential partnerships, as also part of the updates from the YEU Administrative Office.  Also the agenda’s  meeting covered the YEU Working Groups of 2024, giving the floor to each member to update about the first WGs meetings held during the month, besides to discuss together about the next steps. 

After moving to the YEU external representation and the upcoming YEU PET Meeting, the YEU Governing Board focused on the preparation of the YEU Summer GA laid down for the 20th of June. 

Next months will indeed be full of events involving PET and the Member Organisation of our network and we are looking forward to giving more news and insights about!  


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