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YEU General Assembly – Summer Edition

The YEU General Assembly (GA) – Summer Edition took place on Saturday, 26th of June 2021. During the meeting, the Governing Board (GB), the Member Organizations (MOs) and YEU Administrative Office got together to reflect on the YEU’s activities in the first six months of 2021 and to elect the new Governing Board for the next two years.

João Dias, the departing president of YEU warmly welcomed the participants and passed the floor to Marios Philippou, who smoothly chaired the GA.

First item on the agenda touched upon the future of YEU. The delegates of our MOs were divided in 3 working groups discussing the following topics:

  • Going back to face to face events – how and under which conditions?
  • How you can be more involved with YEU – what we are lacking and how to tackle these obstacles
  • YEU impact – how to share our work with other organisations and get them on board?

Going back to plenary, the moderators of the working groups presented the valuable input of the delegates which were noted down on Jamboard focusing on the impact of Covid19 and the need for a better communication between and with our MOs.

The Working Groups were then followed by 3  YEU presentations and the pitches given by each of the GB candidates .

Regarding the YEU presentations, Tamara Cvetkovic gave a small overview to the delegates of what YEU has been doing these last 6 months. Helen Link, provided more information on our platform of Trainers and Facilitators, PET, and explained the initiative of launching the PET Academy. Finally, Nami Isaki presented a thorough analysis of our MO’s realities, based on the answers 21 MOs provided to a survey part of our Strategic Planning 2022- 2025 process.

During the presentations, the voting platform was open for our MOs to elect our new GB.

After the heartfelt goodbye words of João Dias, departing President and Grigor Yeritsyan, departing Treasurer, the election results that everyone were impatiently waiting, were finally announced:

President – Nami Isaki

Vice Presidents – Tamara Cvetkovic and Selin Gürlemez

Treasurer  – Yannis Tsilsou

GB Members – Helen Link, Nelly Paytyan and Huseynkhan Hajizada

Thank you everyone for being at the GA and always supporting us. Your input from the working groups will sincerely be taken into consideration, especially during the Strategic Planning 2022-2025 process. Congratulations to our newly elected governing board and thank you wholeheartedly to João and Grigor who are leaving the GB.

As mentioned at the GB several times “Once in the YEU family, always in the YEU family”.



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