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YEU PET Academy

The PET Academy intends to build and improve the capacities of junior trainers and facilitators of YEU PET to successfully develop, run, evaluate and report different residential and online learning activities. Ultimately, it is a program that allows junior trainers and facilitators to develop their skills and enrich their capabilities as PET members.

The YEU PET Academy entails a mentorship system, where junior trainers and facilitators have mentors within PET. Moreover, feedback is expected, in order to further develop resources, learning opportunities and others.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to not only be mindful of public health but also to be environmentally conscious, the YEU PET Academy will be mostly conducted online, resorting to tools such as Zoom, Discord and Gather Town, counting with different trainers per topic, as well as different resources and guidelines.

This initiative is a great opportunity to individually develop junior trainers and facilitators skills, and in turn, contribute to the joint improvement of YEU PET members.

You will be hearing more news from us on the PET Academy, soon 🙂


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