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YEU PET members met online

After the PET Meeting that was held in Frankfurt, in February, our PET members were invited again to join the online meeting that took place via Zoom last 14th of March. 

The online meeting was facilitated by YEU President Tamara Cvetković, YEU PET Co-cordinator Valbona Makovci and YEU Membership and Communication Officer Chiara Veronese. 

In the spanning of the meeting, the PET Co-coordinator summarized and shared the main PET members inputs which resulted from the meeting in Frankfurt, while the Membership and Communication Officer, together with the YEU President, introduced the YEU “Coffee with…”, Youth Ambassadors advocacy initiative and YEU Working Groups, as well as YEU ongoing activities where PET participation is highly encouraged. 

Afterwards, a brainstorming activity has been held to ask attendees which topics revolving Youth Work they would like to address along with the competences areas they wish to improve. 

Finally, the floor was given to PET Members interventions and questions.

Involving trainers and facilitators from the PET Platform is a priority for YEU in order to foster their competencies and enhance YEU action towards young people, through youth work and non-formal education.

More insights are on the way, follow our channel to not miss them! 


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