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Youth2EUrope | The Mano Europa project to foster active citizenship

MANO EUROPA continues to implement project “Youth2EUrope” which aims to develop and promote solutions to encourage youth active citizenship through inclusive European Parliament simulations and active participation. As one of the project’s activities, MANO EUROPA between 3-8 September implemented a training for youth workers in Osijek (Croatia), which aimed to develop a network of youth workers aiming to mobilise a growing youth community interested in EU matters and stimulate active participation of young people. The training provided knowledge for 15 youth workers about the European Parliament simulation game that can be applied and practiced in their daily work with young people. During the upcoming months, the simulation of the European Parliament will be practiced with at least 64 youngsters throughout 4 participating countries: Lithuania, Croatia, Italy and Portugal.

The project is implemented under the CERV program which is funded by the European Commission.


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