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APY Empowers the Next Generation of Young Activists in Armenia

Along with its humanitarian projects, the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO continues its non-formal educational activities.

In today’s reality of Armenia, Young Activists do not get enough space and opportunities to voice their issues to society, the public authorities, and policy-makers. Taking into consideration the untapped potential of young people in Armenia, it is crucial to give them a platform to mobilize and voice their issues. Thus, APY had to take action and THEY DID!!!

“Everyday Activism” and “DigiYouth:” two quite alike projects that once again highlight the importance of youth and their role in social changes.

The projects are designed to provide creative space and digital tools to more than 50 young emerging minds from underrepresented groups based in Yerevan and satellite communities to create and design their own online advocacy campaigns.

Just a few days ago, 25 young people from all parts of Armenia gathered together for a seven-day training course to develop their skills in campaigning for social change and get tools to voice their concerns through digital media.

As a result, as for now, the 25 young participants of the project aka activists-to-be are equipped with creative digital media tools and mechanisms to run successful advocacy campaigns and create counter-narratives to online hate speech and fake news.

The projects focus on the following main topics:

  • advocacy and campaigning;
  • social media and online activism;
  • self-organization and community mobilization;
  • public speaking and debating.

Thanks to the projects, the participants have managed to learn about various types of activism including Arts and Activism, Mobile or Smartphone Activism, Vlogging and Podcasting. They have also acquired techniques of using digital tools: photography, video-creation, podcasting, digital apps and platforms.

In the upcoming 3 months the participants will have the possibility to develop their ideas, turning them into media campaigns.  APY will support the organization of at least 5 media campaigns using various tools such as photography, video-making, podcasting, graphic art and digital storytelling.

Supported by the European Youth Foundation, the projects intend to provide young participants with “ingredients” for stress management and healthy development, strengthening young activists’ mental health and resilience using a variety of techniques to deal with uncertainty – supporting them to feel more positive during COVID-19 and increasing their opportunities for active digital participation.

It is a fact that digital activism uses its platforms for mass mobilization thus making itself one of the most effective types of activism. Accordingly, APY strongly encourages its members and partner organizations to initiate such activities more and unlock the potential of young people in Armenia.


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