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February Activities – USB

Youth Worker in Debate – 3rd online seminar

During this online workshop, the young participants had the chance to educate themselves on the technique of debate and received the tools that emerged from a similar educational action of the program in Italy.  Then, the participants applied their gained knowledge under the guidance of the facilitators in a debate session. All the activities of the program were based on non-formal education (ice breakers, energizers, team-building activities, group work), assuring the group’s best engagement and cooperation.

“Thess Buddies”

This year U.S.B decided to launch the “Thess Buddies” program for its international volunteers in the city of Thessaloniki. It is a program concerning the provision of a local person for each volunteer so that the adaptation of the latter will be facilitated upon their arrival in Greece. In regards to that, an open call was created for local young people of Thessaloniki to declare their interest in the program and to be selected according to their motivation. Later, online meetings between “buddies” and volunteers took place, having them participating in getting-to-know-each-other activities and understanding the role of the buddy. The buddy’s contribution is to guide the volunteers through the city, introduce them to the local life and local people, help them practice greek language, help them during their stay for some tasks and lastly, be their friends!

1st Arte Migrante event (online) – 26th of February

In the context of the project “In My Art”, United Societies of Balkans has organised 4 workshops in order to create a team of young people that will create local monthly meetings for the promotion of social inclusion through art, using the Arte Migrante methodology. The first event took place online, having 29 participants from Greece, Italy and Spain. By following the Arte Migrante methodology, we first got to know each other by ice-breaking games; then, people expressed themselves through songs, theatre shows and fun conversations. Unfortunately, the last part of the Arte Migrante – the dinner – couldn’t take place due to the covid restrictions, but still it was an amazing experience!

In My Art is an Erasmus+KA2 project in which 7 organisations from 6 European Countries came together to empower young people to take action towards social inclusion and intercultural community-building, especially in multicultural contexts where migrant people have fewer opportunities in getting involved into host communities as active citizens. “Arte migrante” is the main work-field, as well as the method that will inspire the process of learning, development and innovation.


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