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Call for YEU Working Groups 2021

YEU International is happy to announce a call for its Working Group (WG) members.

If you are interested in Youth Work/World, want to engage in specific topics on an international level, want to influence what YEU International will work on in the next few years and if you want to work on edge-cutting topics and develop yourself in a proactive and supporting environment, then this is your chance to become active in YEU!

YEU Governing Board (GB) strongly believes in the importance of your participation for bringing the added value to the daily work of YEU and Member Organisations by strengthening the bonds between members and creating more ownership and belonging to YEU in order to work together towards our network success and sustainability.

There is no need to be an expert on the specific topic, but you should feel able and willing to participate in the WG. We welcome all new members who will help us develop and fulfill our activities, shape our strategic plan and adapt it to your needs, your priorities, and your initiatives.

Therefore, we are opening the call for 5 working groups based on YEU Strategic Priorities 2021.

What is the role and aim of the working group?

The working group is a space for innovation, sharing ideas and networking which will gather young people and not only, from YEU Member Organisation and other interested individuals. The working groups will have the role to support the implementation of YEU annual plan 2021

Commitment & Working Method

The participation at the Working Groups is open to members, volunteers, Board members and employees of YEU Member Organisations or other interested individuals without any age limit. There is no maximum number of participants for each working group, but a single person can only participate in one working group, so choose wisely. Nevertheless you can apply for more than one working group, but will be selected only for one. The mandate of the working groups will last from May to December 2021.

Each working group will be self-facilitated and will work online on our Basecamp collaboration tool and through online meetings (Zoom-calls) supported by a Governing Board(GB) member and a representative of the YEU Administrative Office (AO). 

Due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the working groups’ meetings will be online. If the pandemic conditions get better, a face to face meeting of the working group will be considered as a priority in case of budget availability and in accordance with upcoming results of the online meetings. GB will also try to allocate budget to enable the presentation of the results of the work in main events of YEU (such as the General Assembly).

Tasks and Responsibilities of each Working Group:

Education WG:

WG on Education will have the task to work on improving the quality of work of YEU PET by revising the documents crucial for YEU Pool of Trainers and their work. 

Expected outcomes: 

  • Updated YEU PET Guidelines
  • Updated Quality Assurance Framework and checklist
  • Updated YEU Report form 

Peacebuilding Working group:

Through creative approaches (photography), YEU will develop tools for peace building in the (post)conflict regions with an aim to bring young people closer by understanding their similarities and interests. 

YEU will propose: 1) Online Museum of childhood memories as collection of memories of growing up, focused on getting to know each other through everyday topics

2) Places of peace – through photographing details and places in their cities, youth will get to know other places without traveling.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Support development and implementation of Online Museum and Places of Peace;
  • Gather information from MOs/local level related to peace building initiatives and develop a document stating the examples of good practices and recommendations towards 1) youth organisations 2) educators and youth workers 3) institutions;
  • Coordinate YEU reactions related to (post) conflict regions

Social Inclusion Working group:

During 2021, YEU will focus on the development of the Strategy on outreach to disadvantaged young people developed within Brave New You Reloaded project. Based on the policy recommendations developed within the project, YEU will create a holistic framework strategy that would incorporate specific possible actions for each policy recommendation to be taken by youth organisations, centres, schools or other institutions, a draft roadmap that could be taken on local and/or EU level, and a set of good practices and experiences from the project and beyond. The task of the WG will be to ensure that the Strategy is  relevant for all YEU Member Organisations and is applicable to different realities and contexts in which YEU MOs are working in.

Expected outcomes: 

  • YEU Strategy on outreach to disadvantaged young people 

Capacity building of the network/Strong Youth Organisations WG:

Based on the results of the Strategic planning questionnaire regarding YEU and MOs cooperation, this group will develop a document outlining the capacity building programme for YEU MOs and a list of annual YEU events with detailed information on their purpose, target groups and aims. 

Expected Outcomes:

  • Capacity building programme of YEU 
  • Concept of YEU annual events 

YEU Goes Green WG

Considering that sustainable development and fighting against climate change are an overarching priority for YEU, this working group will have a task to re-think and adapt YEU eco-guidelines and checklists to be in line with the new global realities. The group will have a task to make a comprehensive document which youth organisations can use in their work or events.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Updated YEU eco-guidelines and checklist

Membership fees – (re)thinking the system 

This ad hoc group will have a task to discuss the membership fees system implemented in YEU considering that the landscape of youth sector and membership as a concept is changing; collect different examples of MO fee systems; discuss if YEU should be charging MO fees at all and how relevant that income is YEU budget and keep YEU accountable for its actions, activities to its members. 

Expected Outcomes:

  • Proposal for new YEU MO fees system 

If you are interested and you want to take the challenge, then take the lead and join one of our Working Groups! Application form for YEU Working groups can be found here with the deadline of May 6th 2021 at 23:59 CET.


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