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CGE Erfurt is the MO of the Month!

Dear YEU friends, 

In light of the success of the YEU MO of the Month campaign last year, there could only be no other way but to reconfirm it in 2024!

This Month, we get to know better our Full Member Organization from Erfurt, Germany: CGE Erfurt e.V.

CGE Erfurt e.V. is a Non-Governmental Organisation founded in 2005 and managed by young people with migrant backgrounds, who run local and international youth activities and projects. With more than 15 years of experience in the non-formal education sector, CGE Erfurt e.V. ensures inclusive learning spaces, where individuals can empower themselves and be active agents of change in their communities. Learning through experience, active participation and voluntary participation are part of the key principles which inspired CGE Erfurt e.V. daily commitment in fostering cultural integration, strengthening youth skills and creating deep relations through projects and initiatives. 

By developing ongoing projects such as PM4I and Urban Dialog, CGE Erfurt e.V. addresses the themes of  social inclusion and civic education to improve the life quality in small towns and communities, stressing the power of youth activism at the grassroots level. 

Additionally, CGE Erfurt e.V. advocates for safeguarding biodiversity and the environment through the implementation of  the Planet 4 B project. 

Last but not least, CGE promotes the upskilling, economic and social inclusion of older people through the United Generation Project.

Are you part of our MOs and would you like to extend the visibility of your work through our social media platforms? Contact us! We would be glad to involve you in the MO of the Month Campaign! 



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