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Meet the YEU PET Junior Trainer: Jelena Karać

In the frame of our online campaign: “Meet a PET Member”, we are happy to introduce you to the first youth trainer of this year: Jelena Karać. 

Jelena is a YEU Junior Trainer from Novi Sad, Serbia. During her sociology studies, she raised a strong interest in youth politics and activism which turned into civic commitment and volunteering  work at the Youth Office of the Municipality of Temerin and at the Center for Creative Gatherings. During this experience, Jelena ran different grassroots actions, both in the social and cultural fields. 

In Novi Sad, Jelena has been engaged, as a staff member of the OPENS program, in international projects around participatory democracy, such as the “European Innovative” and  “YUPAD”.

Since 2020, Jelena has joined the YEU PET family, working as a facilitator and junior trainer in different YEU trainings, camps and exchanges on the topic of discrimination, human rights and hate speech, such us: YEU “Gamification in Youth Work” training and dissemination event, “Brave New Reloaded” training and dissemination event, the 40th YEU Convention and “KID ACTIONS” workshop with youth. 

Who is the PET Member of February? Stay tuned on our channel to discover it! 


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