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CID Training and Youth HUB Inauguration

Training on democracy, participation and civic engagement

In the period from 13th-15th October in Struga, we had the training on democracy, participation and civic engagement with the youngsters from different municipalities coming from local NGOs and the youth party wing. They were extending their knowledge into democracy, leadership, participation, human rights, advocacy and activism. They have created many initiatives that they will implement once they go back to their municipality.

Additionally, the participants worked in different teams where they had the opportunity to express their views on the above mentioned topics and assigned tasks. Through the interactive methods they gave their input in front of all the participants as well.

This training is part of the project “(Local) Youth Participation Matters”, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in RNM.

Inauguration of the Social Action Youth and Sports HUB In Lipkovo 

On Wednesday, 18th of October 2023, Lipkovo Municipality celebrated a significant milestone with the grand opening of its Social Action Youth and Sports Hub. The event witnessed an overwhelming turnout of more than 150 attendees, reflecting the enthusiasm and support of the community. The inauguration took place at the Cultural Center of Matejche village, where one of the spaces of this cultural center will be used for the purposes of the Hub.

The Social Action Youth and Sports Hub in Lipkovo is established within the context of the project titled “Encouraging Positive Youth Development and Inclusive Communities through the Power of Sports – PRECYOUS” which is funded by the European Union. The project is implemented by Social Action and Innovation Centre – KMOP (Greece) and Center for Intercultural Dialogue – CID.

The inauguration ceremony commenced with a heartfelt speech from Mr. Nami Isaki, the Executive Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue. Mr. Isaki articulated the Hub’s mission and vision, emphasizing its commitment to empowering the youth of Lipkovo Municipality. <<This Youth Center is not just a building; it’s a promise to our young people. It’s a place for them to learn, grow, and dream>>; said Mr. Isaki.

Joining the event, Ms. Ivana Stojchevska, Secretary General of CID, commended the initiative and reiterated the significance of such an initiative for nurturing talent and promoting community involvement.

The event was greeted by the Mayor of Lipkovo, Mr. Erkan Arifi, the President of the Council of the Municipality of Lipkovo, the Deputy Director of the Agency for Youth and Sports, all directors of local primary schools and the gymnasium of Lipkovo, and other relevant stakeholders and partners.

The opening of the Social Action Youth and Sports Hub marks a groundbreaking achievement  for the community, particularly as it is the first of its kind in a rural area in North Macedonia. This milestone reflects the European Union’s dedication to providing young people with a space for education, creativity, physical activity, mentorship, and community engagement and at the same time it emphasizes the synergies with local authorities such as the Municipality of Lipkovo to bring such initiatives to life. With a variety of chances for local youth to learn, develop, and thrive, the Social Action Youth and Sports Hub in Lipkovo Municipality is set to be a beacon of hope. Its opening paves the way for a better future in the neighborhood and illustrated the effectiveness of group efforts in bringing about significant change.


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