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Updates from United Societies of Balkans (USB)

Raising Environmental Awareness Through Art (REST _ART*) project 

The training activity of the transnational project Raising Environmental Awareness Through Art (REST _ART*) was conducted from the 18th to the 24th September 2023, under the coordination of LDA Mostar and in cooperation with all partners of the project. The training was organised for 20 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Egypt, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.
During this 5-day mobility program, 20 participants including 2 trainers, came together to become champions of environmental awareness and change-makers in their communities. Through artistic forms and expressions, they explored, understood, and challenged their knowledge of environmental degradation.
The full program of activities and workshops was aimed at familiarising the international team of people with the concepts of environmental awareness (plastic and reduce, reuse, recycle) through art. The visit to concrete environmental initiatives in Mostar, the photo-reporting activities and interviews, and the debates inspired the participants and the result is a booklet of articles they wrote during the training.

* The aim of the innovative project Rest_Art is to promote environmental awareness through the power of art. Our goal is to bring about meaningful and lasting change by engaging the public and key stakeholders in the preservation of our environment. By combining esthetic practices with ecological activism, REST_ART aims to raise awareness, sensitize communities, and prevent harmful attitudes towards the environment. Through planned mobilities and a comparative approach, we shed light on plastic waste management and promote positive action at the community level.

Football 4 all 

The United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) organized on the 30th of September, along with their partner AMNA and the local Y.M.C.A. in Thessaloniki, the “Sports for All” event for the European Week of Sports. The idea for the event was materialized through the Erasmus KA2 project “Football for all” that has been running already for over a year now. The event’s goal was to provide a place of inclusion for young and adult people alike to play sports, socialize with their peers and eat snacks together. In total, 42 participants and 10 volunteers participated in the event. The background of the participants was local nationals, refugees from both Ukraine and the Middle East, immigrants and foreign nationals.



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