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“Citizens, Journalism and Storytelling” training course in Thessaloniki

During the 2nd week of November the training course “Citizens, journalism and storytelling“ took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Youth workers, social workers and young people from Poland, Italy and Greece came together in order to develop their competences in promoting intercultural dialogue through digital media.

After getting to know each other better, the participants of the program explored storytelling methodologies based on autobiography, reflecting on past memories that reinforced their appreciation for interculturality. These memories were expressed in writing, as well as through interviewing each other.

The interviews worked as preparation for the next step of the course which was interviewing people for whom interculturality is a significant part of their lives, such as Roma people, refugees and international volunteers. After visiting the premises of the interviewees, spend 2 days editing the material focusing on spreading the importance of intercultural dialogue through their outputs. The stories will be soon uploaded on StoryAP, a platform for sharing stories for personal and social change.

It was an intense week, but there was still time for some dancing, exchange of food and drinks, and of course fun!

DigitMid is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that has the aim to broaden knowledge and methodologies on how Digital Media can increasingly become a positive tool for young Europeans to develop civic and social skills, and to promote intercultural dialogue. It involves 4 organisations (from Italy, Portugal, Poland, UK and Greece) that are trying to achieve the improvement of educational methodologies that use Digital Media to foster attitudes and skills related to intercultural dialogue among young Europeans.


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