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SEE ME GR&OW Reunion

After a successful completion of the 1st Learning event of the KA2 program ‘SEE ME GR&OW’, hosted by YEU Cyprus, the team of participants from the partnership of 5 countries (Cyprus / Italy / Greece/ Portugal / Slovakia), got together for a Reunion meeting to continue building together towards the objectives of the project. This project aims to up-skill youth workers, those who are already self-employed, and freelancers, and provide business advice in order to improve soft skills, management skills and their future prospects for creating a sustainable entrepreneurial practice. The specific goals of the virtual ‘Reunion’ were: 

  1. For the participants to evaluate their own level of competence concerning each skill they have acquired in the 1st learning event, as well as to collaboratively suggest ways & tools to each other in order to increase these skills. 
  2. Maintain the team spirit and the partnership among the participants & give them a chance to reflect on what they have learned in a friendly and supportive environment. 

It was a great experience for everyone involved, as it allowed us to reconnect with each other in a friendly virtual environment, as well as to brainstorm for future initiatives and explore further actions that this well bonded team can implement. Furthermore, the 2nd Learning event in Italy is approaching, where each partner is looking for local participants that are interested in the topic of the project. The Call for the upcoming opportunity can be found here


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