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Communities Driving Change – Launching Event: giving voice to the citizens

Communities Driving Change is now reality! The first meeting of the program took place at the Balkan Heart complex, on September 29th 2021, opening the cycle of dialogue and democratic mobilization of the citizens. Although of introductory nature, as a first acquaintance with the project and its goals, it also signaled the beginning of this ambitious endeavor; it provided the impetus for the birth of ideas and the engagement in meaningful dialogue.

During this first meeting, participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their expectations, concerns and motivation to participate. They identified and discussed in groups about problems and issues that citizens of Thessaloniki may face: then, they were asked to use their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking to propose initiatives that can bring positive changes. The inputs emerged will be the basis for the next meetings, that will focus on leveraging the findings of the participants. 

Communities Driving Change is a Εurope for Citizens project that focuses on empowering the ordinary citizen, through digital tools that facilitate expression and improve the quality of information reaching decision makers. Still, the activation of creativity and critical thinking through non-formal methods of education, dialogue and various field activities act as multipliers for the social benefits that our work brings. Among them, the more active participation of the citizens in the decision-making process as well as the deepening of the interest and the knowledge on issues that concern us directly.


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