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Evening Eco walk #6 was held: Teslić

Our 6th ECO-walk has been a very successful initiative! The walk was organized by the Agency for Development and Cooperation CEREBRA Banja Luka, in partnership with the host Youth Club Teslić. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, we gathered 11 participants who worked together to clean up the area of ​​Teslić.

A total of 11 new volunteers committed for  an afternoon of field work, collecting 6 bags of 40L of small waste and garbage, for a total of 240L! During the sixth eco-walk, 23.1 new kilometers of walking were achieved, i.e. together we made 35,200 ECO STEPS! Marko Lončar, president of the Youth Club Teslić, expresses his satisfaction with the arrival of the eco walk in Teslić.

“This was an opportunity to promote awareness of the importance of the environment in our community in a simple and meaningful way. I believe that this is only the first in a series of such events not only when it comes to ecology but also cooperation in this field with our friends from Cerebra. As far as we from the Teslić Youth Club are concerned, one thing is for sure, and in the next period we will deal with issues in the field of ecology and environmental protection in order to make Teslić a more beautiful place to live “, said Marko.

Our action was once again supported by friends from bakery Manja and the company Vitinka with their products so that the participants could refresh themselves after the working part of the action. ECO-WALK continues its journey soon at the new location. Follow our activities and be free to become part of a movement that grows and gathers more and more people! Let’s move, improve, empower and beautify our environment.


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