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Digi-Up Yourself with YEU!

As YEU, we are happy to announce our new project DIGI-UP! 

The Digi-Up Project aims to foster young people’s digital and soft skills through virtual activities for development, acquisition and application of both digital and soft skills in order to increase their career opportunities and moving forward in 21st century skills needed among young people. It is an intercultural project and a unique experience to bridge the gap between policy and practice in the European Digital Competence Frameworks DigCompEdu and DigComp.  

One of the main objectives of this project is to connect higher education students, academic staff and young people from Europe and Sub-Saharan countries through virtual activities. It is a great opportunity for us and young people to develop their skills and get prepared for the future digital mindset. In this regard, the DigiUp project offers several training programs and virtual exchanges for young people – and for you as well! Thus, we invite you to join us and start  your DigiUp adventure with us!

In order to provide a fruitful introduction to the project, the project includes four Welcome Activities, which are organised to get to know the project more in detail, bring students and staff together in several cultural activities and prepare them for the next steps of the project. The four Welcome Activities are combined into two events of three-hour sessions and each of them will take place during two days.

The first event has already taken place  on the 23th of May including two of the Welcome Activities. The first part  was to give cultural virtual courses and showing virtual tours of the campuses of partners while the second part  was a virtual orientation session, which explained what we are going to do in the future. We were truly happy to see young people’s interest in the topic and we received a huge number of registrations for the event. That’s why, we would like to announce the second event too! 

The second event is going to be held on 1st of June  between 10.00-13.00 CET. There will again be two different activities. The first one  will be about discovering the traditions of each country while we will arrange a virtual cultural dinner and teambuilding activities in the second. It will be online via Zoom and we will be sharing the registration form on our social media channels very soon – so keep an eye open!  

If you have more questions about the project or events, you can always contact us via .

Stay tuned for more information!


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