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EduSports Transnational Partners Meeting in Thessaloniki

The partner organizations of the EduSports project – YEU, United Societies of Balkans, Armenian Progressive Youth, MOJU and Sailing Club Horn Krakow – are gathering in Thessaloniki, Greece, between September 30th and October 2nd, for the project’s second Transnational Partners Meeting. 

This meeting will be hosted by USB and intends to evaluate the project activities. In particular, during the meeting the partners will have the opportunity to present and discuss the results of the Sport Policy Research, a questionnaire which was launched in summer, to investigate how and to what extent organisations integrate Sport in their educational activities. Partners will present and analyse the data collected in their respective countries, which will be key to develop the ETS-Manual, one of the expected outcomes of the whole project. 

EduSports is a project based on ETS – Education Through Sports Methodology and intends to integrate and combine sports and educational tools, to promote well being and health among youngsters. Additionally, the project aims to promote sports in education as a tool of inclusion through research, as well as to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles among young people. 

The Transnational Partner Meeting will also allow the project partners to plan the next steps of the project, by discussing the methods and tools for the next activities, as well as the good practices to adapt the next phase of the project –  the Online Awareness Raising Campaign. Last but not least, partners will discuss how to promote and support the dissemination of the European Week of Sport, which is currently ongoing.


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