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Social media campaign – Brave New YOU Reloaded

On September the 1st a brave new social media campaign was launched: #Myinclusiveeurope is the name of the campaign, which is part of the Brave New You Reloaded project, and wants to share “Real Life Stories” of young generations calling for a more inclusive and open-minded society. “Real life stories” are brief videos and interviews, which can be seen on our Social Media Channels and on the dedicated Website. They tell stories and experiences of young people participating in the local actions developed by the project partners. 

The campaign wants to enhance social cohesion in communities by bringing realities of youth of different backgrounds closer to each other by understanding and challenging current narratives related to their position in societies (newcomers, women, LGBT+ youth). The campaign uses social media, as effective digital platforms to connect people from different countries who, especially in Covid times, would not be able to share their experience and to create bonds around common values and goals.

Brave new You – Reloaded is a project that seeks to empower disadvantaged young people to be community leaders, to identify and deconstruct hateful narratives, and engage with decision makers on local and European level to build more inclusive communities. One of the objectives of the whole project is to provide large-scale educational experiences and networking opportunities aiming at connecting and empowering youth. And this is precisely what the campaign aims to do.

And now? Now the campaign needs YOU! It is very important to spread the word and speak, by supporting our commitment on social media: it is time to like, follow and share our campaign, with the hashtags #myinclusiveeurope, #breakthehate and #bravenewyou! Join us and take on with us the mission and responsibility of making our societies more open, inclusive and – why not – BRAVER! 


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