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Exciting news from the YEU | YEU Workplan 2025 is approved!

We are thrilled to announce that the European Youth Foundation has approved the YEU’s Workplan for 2025: “Ethical Surfers: Empowering Youth Workers in the Digital Currents through NFE”.

Recognising YEU’s increasing role in fostering digital skills among young people and youth trainers, particularly focusing on equipping the most disadvantaged youth with essential hard and soft skills for navigating the digital realm, the YEU Workplan of 2025 aims to address the  challenges encountered by youth organisations and educators in adapting their work to the fast changes in the digital scenario, such as those brought by artificial intelligence. 

In alignment with the CoE strategic framework for 2022-2025 in the digital environment, “Ethical Surfers: Empowering Youth Workers in the Digital Currents through NFE” intends to reach out and directly engage youth workers and young people, forming youth ambassadors groups that advocate for digital literacy, ethical online behaviour, and social change.

Additionally, the project aims to support YEU MOs by strengthening their digital capacities, particularly in using digital platforms to establish stronger connections with the youth. 

As indirect targets, the YEU Workplan 2025 also strives to produce a positive impact on 10 local communities by raising awareness about digital literacy, ethics, and responsible online behaviour, while pursuing the same goal online through a transnational social media campaign and development of a 4-episode podcast series broadcasted on the YEU Podcast’s channels. 



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