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YEU is going to Strasbourg for the EYE2023!

The YEU Team is excited to share that they will be present in Strasbourg for EYE2023. The EYE – European Youth Event – gathers young people from all around Europe and the world at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France to support them in shaping their ideas on Europe’s future. EYE2023 will be welcoming many young people with several activities in person and online. It is a great opportunity for young people to interact, inspire each other and exchange their ideas, experiences and insights with activists, influencers, decision-makers and experts from different backgrounds in the heart of European democracy.


In 2023, it is going to be the fifth edition of the EYE events. It will take place on 9th and10th of June and will be held in person and hybrid activities. During the event, participants will take part in different activities co-created with several institutions, international organisations, civil society, youth organisations and participants themselves, including a space for discussions and networking.


What makes EYE2023 even more special and exciting is the upcoming European elections 2024. A part of the EYE2023 programme will focus on the European and global context, role of democracy and youth engagement. Following the event, the ideas, insights, expectations and concerns from young people will be collected in the Youth Ideas Report distributed to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).


So, as of now, there is less than 2 weeks until the EYE2023. For this reason, we suggest  all young people check the EYE2023 via their website. Through the website, you can find the programme or follow their social media channels in order to follow the event online and stay tuned for the next EYE!


As YEU, we will be sharing our experience and the environment during the EYE2023 through our own social media channels too!


Stick around!


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