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“MO of the Month” Campaign, soon!

YEU is  happy to promote our member organisations’ activities with the launch of a new campaign called “MO of the Month”.

“MO of the Month” is a new concept introduced by YEU in 2023. The concept is initiated with the aim to support the YEU Network through awareness raising and promotion of our MOs activities on our digital platforms with particular focus on social media channels. More specifically, it is an initiative proposed with the purpose of giving our MOs a chance for increased awareness within and outside the YEU Network on their activities through a promotional “MO of the Month” Campaign in which they themselves are in control of what should be shared on YEU’s social media platforms. 

This campaign enables us to commend our members for their efforts and achievements. 


In more detail, “MO of the Month” is structured in the following way: 

  • Each month, through its Newmail and other external communication activities, YEU sends out a call for interested MOs to ‘apply’ for becoming MO of the Month. 
  • Among the MOs that have shown interest in becoming MO of the Month and having their content shared on YEU’s platforms, YEU will select one/two member organisations per month. 
  • MOs that are selected as MO of the Month will send their prepared content to YEU at least 2 weeks before their MO of the Month starts to allow YEU’s preparation. 
  • YEU consistently shares MO of the Month’s content throughout the month hence creating awareness and promoting activities within and outside the network to partners, other MOs, participants, followers and the general public that visits its social media platforms. 


We will be looking for some criterias such as; professionalism, respect, qualified and interoperable fellowships, team building and collaboration skills, consistency in performance, new ideas and creativity, achieving targets, commitment to work, MOs general performance, quick adaptability to the changes, regular attendance.


We will be opening the call soon. Stick around and let it start by applying and sending your activities!



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