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YEU Podcast | The most WEMusical episode: 2.8

YEU is welcoming the new episode of our YEU Podcast on Spotify with great excitement and 2 precious guests. Our first guest is Lilia Khazri from CCAB Tunisia while our second guest is Duško Subotic Brcko from Cerebra, BiH. In this episode, we are talking about the WEMusic project and its mobility in Hammamet, Tunisia which was held in the beginning of May 2023.

It is one of our most exciting episodes because Lilia is explaining to us the organisation, future steps of the project and of course the details from Hammamet and the mobility as a facilitator. On the other hand,  Duško is showing us his point of view about mobility and the project in general as a participant. You are invited to listen to our YEU Podcast as always!


Check it out!


Stay Music!


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