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Ireli: “Increasing Political Literacy of Youth” Project and Working Groups Vol.2

“Increasing Political Literacy of Youth” project is organized by “Ireli” Public Union.

Ireli Public Union is organizing the “Increasing Political Literacy of Youth” project. The main goal of the project is to increase the knowledge of Azerbaijani youth on public policy and to form an internationally competitive youth. Through the project, different topics are covered, such as:

  • Youth Policy
  • Culture
  • State-People Relations
  • National Independence and Individual Freedom
  • Applied Policy – Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy
  • Azerbaijan’s Economic Policy
  • The Role of the Diaspora in Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy

The sessions in the project are held by leading policy experts, such as academics and government officials. By participating in meetings and seminars, young people have gained new knowledge and skills on the mentioned topics.


Working groups vol.2

Ireli Public Union conducted Working groups vol.2 for effective organization of youth leisure time, enlighten them in different directions in the current pandemic situation, create better opportunities for youth, to organize better the activities of trainers, facilitators, teachers and youth workers, youth organizations and centers. We are doing research to address the problems we face in working with young people more effectively, translate selected books by an expert group, develop a guide to using digital tools, create useful blogs for young people, and organize social surveys. 

Each group have its own goals and activities: 

  • The Smart group works on the translation of books
  • The design group works on the design of translated books and electronic materials;
  • The Blog group works on the creation of useful blogs for young people;
  • The Research group conducts research to effectively solve problems in the field of youth work.

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