Ireli Public Union – Our commitment to social work

Social work is a sphere that mediates the interests of the problem groups of society, improving their living conditions, social welfare. The Social Work Department, which creates conditions for self-government, identification and self-expression of young people in accordance with the requirements of modern times, as well as supporting their formation in a healthy environment, successfully continues its activities in this direction. 

The projects and awareness-raising activities carried out under the department not only increase the interest of young people in this profession, but also provide practical experience at a professional level. Taking advantage of these opportunities, young people work together to effectively organize leisure time for vulnerable groups. Currently, the Essentials of Social Work training program, which started in November 2021 to increase the social skills of young people and conduct social work with different categories of the population, will be conducted by specialized professional trainers of young people studying social work and who want to develop themselves in this field. Young people participate in training seminars interactively to increase their theoretical knowledge. 

During the initial acquaintance meeting the participants were given a general acquaintance and a space for their introduction. The social workers shared their views on teaching in their specialties and educational institutions and provided information on what they will do in the future.

The training “Working with the media” was conducted on how to write press releases, how to send emails to the press, how to monitor the press, how to prepare a fax and how to create a blog account and write articles, setting directions.

During “The 17-year-old crisis”, the role of the family in the formation of young people, the impact of the environment on development in this aspect, and the model of The Big Five personality traits were explained.

In the “Team Building” training, the methods of unified grouping of young people and team decision-making, the concepts of leadership were explained, and the importance of communicative communication was discussed.

Discussions and simulations were held with young people in the training on “Personality formation” on the role of internal and external factors in the formation of the personality of adolescents and young people.

During the training “Effective organization of youth leisure time”, the organization of leisure time of young people in Azerbaijan and abroad in different forms, the creation of free time and Tomato technique were explained.

During “What is Bullying?” training, oral, social and physical forms of bullying, bullier youth, violent circles and ways to counteract the effects of bullying were explained. By holding a social theater on the subject, young people showed that bullying is a problem that can be encountered in family, school and university life.


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