A virtual international seminar organized by “Bridge to the Future” Youth Union

“Bridge to the Future” Youth Public Union organized a virtual international seminar on youth employability, entrepreneurship and youth community development.  The seminar was conducted in 8 days in January, 2022. It was done within the Key Action 2 Capacity Building project named “Youth resource centre for employability, entrepreneurship education and community development” funded by Erasmus+ Programme.  

The seminar gathered over 35 participants from Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, the Netherlands, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. 

During the seminar, participants were involved in intense discussions, presentations and group work on entrepreneurship and community development as well as employability. The participants got familiar with the Resource Centre established in Ganja, Azerbaijan, the services and activities that it is currently offering. The seminar also covered sessions for partnership building, pitching ideas and working on topics in groups.  

More about the project can be found: www.yrcganja.com


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