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Last stop for the SAAM project with WeYouth!

The international pole of our association WeYouth has set up a partnership with the young people in BTP/CAP of the Boughrara Institute within the framework of the SAAM project. This project is funded under the AU – EU Skills for Youth Employment Programme. It aims to strengthen the VET network based on peer-to-peer connections between VET centres in Africa and Europe in order to obtain successful results, provide a bigger impact and create real and prosperous connections.

Thus, in this partnership, 4 students from the Centre Sectoriel De Formation Professionnelle Agricole De L’ Arboriculture En Zones Arides De Boughrara (Sfax, Tunisia) as well as a teacher, will be able to visit Finland for one month with full support. The objective is to strengthen their capacity to work with international actors. For this purpose, our French volunteers (European Solidarity Corps) Eugénie and Thomas have been in charge of developing their language skills:

For almost four months, our European solidarity corps volunteers have been giving French and English lessons every Friday to young people enrolled in CAP and BTP training. It was also an opportunity for them to improve their CVs in English and French for a better professional integration.  The courses take place in the “El Collab” premises, which WeYouth has set up perfectly for this type of action. It is a large space in the centre of Sfax, entirely at the disposal of the youth to work on social projects. It is also an entire pole of the association used for public events and the implementation of projects aimed at the SDG 4/5/8/9/10/16/17.

After several months of weekly classes, the four young people selected for the departure to Finland are finishing their last English classes before setting off on their adventure on August 18th !


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