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Stop or stop it! IRELI against Cyberbullying

“Stop or Stop it” project was launched with the support of the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, the organization “Towards a Conscious Youthfulness Public Union”, and the partnership of “Ireli Public Union”. The main goal of the “Stop or Stop it” project is to strengthen the fight against bullying among young people and children in Azerbaijan, to raise awareness about its consequences, and to help young people develop a sense of self-confidence and identity.

Within the framework of the project, 25 young people who have successfully completed the registration and interview stage will participate in various training sessions on anti-bullying, “cyberbullying”, “social work with children”, physiognomy, personality development, “training for trainers”, “no hate speech” and other topics. During the last 2 weeks, an introductory meeting and trainings on “What is Bullying” were held with young people, and young people were informed about the topic through presentations, energizers, group work and workshops.

In the next stages of the project, young people will share the knowledge and experience they have learned with other young people in the format of training and meetings. Taking into account the relevance of the topic of bullying, as a result of the implementation of the project, young people will be trained as trainers in this field.

Young social workers, teachers and youth workers from different regions of Azerbaijan participate in the project.


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