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LLLP General Assembly in Brussels

On June 19th, the LLLP held its Annual General Assembly, joined on behalf of YEU by our Fundraising and Project Officer, Luigi Briatore.

As part of the one day General Assembly agenda, LLLP members gathered to approve reports and plans, as well as to discuss strategic points regarding LLLP Platform advocacy strategy and membership criteria revision. 

The first part of the GA was marked by the approval of the financial document and the discharge of three members of the Steering Committee who finished their mandate. 

The LLLP GA mainly focused on the approval of the financial document and presentation and election of three members of the Steering Committee, the administrative body of LLLP. With regards  to this, Elisa Gambardella, from SOLIDAR Foundation, and Piotr Sadowski, from Volonteurope,  where nominated for their second mandate, while Chiara Piccolo, from Learning for Well-Being Foundation  was elected as a new member of the Steering Committee,  effectively replacing Arja Krauchenberg, from European Parents’ Association, who was part of the LLLP in the role President for the mandate 2020/2021 and part of the Steering Committee for two mandates. 

Finally, LLLP members discussed together the new LLLP advocacy strategy keypoints. 

YEU thanks LLLP for organising their annual General Assembly in person in Brussels, a great event for LLLP member organisations for networking and collaboration! 


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