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Meet a PET Member: our PET Junior Trainer from Serbia, Tamara Injac

By defining herself not only as a creative researcher but also a researcher of creativity, the PET Member of this month, Tamara Injac, is a Serbian youth worker, part of the YEU PET (YEU People for Education and Training) as a junior trainer. 

After getting a Degree in Pedagogy, Tamara is building her career in the educational field by working in various projects with children and young adults, aiming to engage them with the local community.  

Along with her studies, Tamara has run workshops for children of different ages and regarding different topics as mental health, being also part of some local organisations and projects. 

These experiences allowed her to build her competences with regards to Communication, Youth Participation, Anti-discrimination, Social inclusion/cohesion, Working with children, Conflict management, Group dynamics, Team-building, Strategic planning, Project management and Non-formal education Methodology. Moreover, she also included in her youth work Gamification and International Dialogue approaches. 

Traveling and getting in touch with new cultures are some of her main passions. As a professional, Tamara trusts in learning as a co-construction process and in self-growth as a driver both for herself and her commitment in education. 

As a YEU PET Member, Tamara feels to be part of “a community of enthusiasts feeling empowered to speak up and take action while inspiring others”. 

April is at our doors, and we are looking forward to introducing the next PET Member. Don’t miss our next newsmail and contents on our social media channels for the next insights! 


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