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MOJU is the MO of March! – Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão

This month we are delighted to tell you more about one of YEU Full Members Organizations: Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão, MOJU. 

By following the motto: “MOJU, Sou Eu e És Tu” (MOJU – it’s me and it’s you), MOJU is a non-governmental organization which strives for the social stimulation of Olhão, since its foundation date: October 16th, 2007.

MOJU is registered in the National Register of Youth Associations of Portugal, it is member of FAJAlg – Federation of Youth Associations of the Algarve, ofFNAJ – National Federation of Youth Associations and of YEU – Youth for Exchange and Understanding International.

Through volunteering and associationism, MOJU delivers regional and international activities towards children and youth, as well as social support services for the most vulnerable categories.  

More in particular, in the framework of the MO Campaign, we’re pleased to highlight the Gabinete de Inserção Profissional “Help Desk for Employability”, which was born  from the partnership between MOJU and the Center of Employment with the aim of support unemployed youth and adult in accessing the labor market, in collaboration with the local Centers of Employment. 

To support the Olhão community, especially adults, MOJU also offers to its local community the Gabinete de Bairro – “Neighborhood office” where diverse workshops are developed aimed at social integration and community participation. 

Being active in the field of education, volunteering and associationism, MOJU sensitizes about issues of great social importance, by also giving room for friendships, mutual help and understanding. 

In 2014, MOJU valuable and tireless work for the Olhao Community was recognized through the Public Utility Statue. 

YEU Network includes 40 Organization Members across and beyond Europe. Through YEU’s ongoing campaign “MO of the Month”, we aim to boost their visibility, putting the lights on their daily social commitment at the local, national and international level. 

Are you a YEU MO willing to tell more about your history, mission, current project and activities through this campaign? Contact us! Will be happy to showcase you in our MO of Campaign of 2024! 



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