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Moju, Portugal – Discussing the Shared Concerned Method use in Bullying Phenomenon in Olhão, Portugal

The second meeting of the Erasmus+ project, Working Together to Stop Bullying, promoted by the MOJU Association and involving all the School Groupings in the Municipality of Olhão, took place between March 1st and 5th, 2023.

The Shared Concern Method teacher trainers and partners from North Macedonia and Armenia were present at the meeting, in a total of 19 teachers, psychologists and youth social workers.

The shared concern method, which is a dialogue-based approach to dealing with problems related to bullying, was discussed. This approach promotes collaboration among the involved parties, including parents, teachers, students, authorities and other community members.

It is stated that the shared concern method can help education professionals to develop creative and assertive solutions to problems related to bullying. For example, it is possible to create strategies for developing educational issues in training contexts, helping victims and encouraging others to deal with bullying. In addition, it is possible to provide specific training sessions for teachers, so that all members of the school community feel more secure in dealing with bullying.

The meeting was considered a success, with rich discussions on how to use the shared concern method to deal with bullying in young people’s lives. A balance was made between the activities carried out so far by the different partners.

The sharing of experiences and educational exchanges between the participants was fruitful, as it allowed the definition of strategies for the application of this method and the definition of the next steps.

The partners also visited the Dr. Alberto Iria’s school, where they became aware of some actions developed in favor of the project, namely those that led to the attribution, to that institution, of the label Escola Sem Bullying – No Bullying School, by the Ministry of Education.

This is a Strategic Partnership in the Youth Field between MOJU – Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão, YEU – Youth For Exchange and Understanding, CID – Center For Intercultural Dialogue and APY – Armenian Progressive Youth, and it’s financed by Erasmus+ Program.


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