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YEU at the European Youth Conference (EUYC) in Sweden

The EU Youth Conference (EUYC) in Sweden was the third youth conference of the presidential trio consisting of France, Czech Republic and Sweden. 

The EUYC was built on the work done during the ninth cycle and contribute to implementation of the EU Youth Strategy, with a specific focus on European Youth Goals #3 Inclusive Societies and #10 Sustainable Green Europe. By focusing on these two specific goals, the conference aims to involve young people in discussions and consultations with decision-makers on the social dimension of a sustainable Europe for young people.

The participants of the conference were young people, youth organisations, policy makers and decision makers in the EU, involved to discuss topics of importance to young people and work together to identify measures to ensure an improved Europe for young people in regards to inclusion and sustainability. The results of the discussions will be used by the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU to influence policy making across Europe. 

The final recommendations will feed into Council resolutions on the outcomes of the 9th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue. In addition, a Final Conference Report that summarises the proceedings, main debates and discussions and their outcomes will be prepared, including a summary of the messages from the open space format in a separate annex.

Daniela Sofia Correia, YEU Governing  Board Member, was there to attend the conference and represent YEU International among the International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations.


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