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News From Ireli Public Union


On August 28 – September 2, the project “Youth for Sustainable Development” aimed at the personal development of young people was implemented in Yardimli by “IRELI” Public Union. Within the framework of the project implemented in the camp format, training was held for 5 days on Sustainable Development Goals and its application areas, project writing and management, non-formal education and its principles, work with youth and other topics. Within the framework of the project, a total of 45 young people were taught “Sustainable Development Goals and their areas of application”, “Idea formation in the process of writing projects”, “non-formal education and its principles”, “Role model in work with young people” and other topics.  Total of 14 training sessions were held, as well as various team games and group activities. The main goal of the “Youth for Sustainable Development” project is to improve the soft skills of young people, ensure their active citizenship position in society and contribute to the development of a competitive youth network by increasing initiatives in the field of work with young people. During the sustainability phase of the project, the participants will share the knowledge and experience they have learned with other young people in the format of training and meetings in their region. About 2,000 young people are planned to participate directly in the sustainability phase of the project.


On September 7, the “Increasing Media Literacy of Youth” project was implemented under the organisation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and “IRELI” Public Union. The main goal of the “Increasing Media Literacy of Youth” project is to increase the knowledge and skills of young people in the field of media, including promoting the correct and active use of communication tools in the era of digital transformation. Within the framework of the 5-day camp project, the participants were trained in public relations and its basic principles, digital marketing and branding, communication skills, social media and new trends, as well as other topics. Meetings with a number of media representatives and other interesting events were also organised within the project. At the meetings, media representatives shared their experiences with the participants and gave them their contributions for their future activities. Within the framework of the project, 60 young people participated in “Team building”, “Digital marketing”, “Fake news”, “Digital touches on the career path”, as well as training on various topics. 


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