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Meet Green-It Up | An article by the ESC volunteer: Jan Bajtek

YEU Cyprus is currently hosting a one-year initiative named “Green it UP” as part of the European Solidarity Corps. This project involves the participation of seven volunteers from various European countries who are dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmentalism in everyday life in Cyprus. The volunteers, originating from Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Italy, have been actively engaged in the YEU office in Nicosia since May 2, 2023.

The primary objective of this project is to educate and take action, accomplished through the organisation of different events and initiatives led by the volunteers themselves. By emphasising non-formal education, the project has brought together seven young individuals from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and perspectives, with the ultimate goal of creating a more ecologically conscious environment on the island of Cyprus.

Upon encountering the local reality and context, the volunteers began implementing their ideas and projects with the guidance and support of YEU Cyprus employees. Through this immersive experience, the volunteers have the opportunity to acquire new skills and competencies while simultaneously enhancing the sustainability policies of YEU Cyprus.



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