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No Excuse Slovenia – ESC Volunteers

The European solidarity corps volunteers of No Excuse Slovenia recently finished their remarkable nine-month journey as part of our organization.

Their mission? To raise awareness about Sustainable Development Goals with focus on non-communicable diseases (NCD).

During their stay they created two informative brochures that would serve as a valuable contribution.

During their stay, the volunteers dedicated their time and expertise to develop two insightful brochures. The first brochure provided a comprehensive overview of NCDs, shedding light on their nature, different types, and common examples. It aimed to equip individuals with the knowledge to understand the potential risks associated with these diseases.

The second brochure focused on the crucial aspect of NCD management – how to effectively deal with and prevent them.

By sharing this valuable information, the volunteers aimed to empower youth to take control of their well-being.

The European Solidarity Corps idea, which brings together young people from all backgrounds to work on meaningful initiatives, remains a light of hope.

These volunteers exemplified the real spirit of solidarity, demonstrating the value of sharing knowledge and experiences in order to construct a better future for everybody.

Link to the brochures:



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