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YEU Governing Board Meeting in Italy

Half of the year 2023 is already over, the YEU crew has been working on so many topics, and now getting ready for s short break.

After exactly a month passed from the YEU General Assembly Summer Edition, the ‘new’ YEU Governing Board (2023-2025) with familiar faces, met from July 22-25th in Emilia-Romagna, Italy before the short summer break.

During the meeting, the YEU Governing Board members discussed the other projects being implemented, potential new Member Organisations, YEU’s online and onsite events, internal and external representations, activating MOs, as well as co-oping new GB members to the YEU board from both Observer and Full member organisations. (Deadline to apply for the position is 10th of August.)

It was also discussed about the overall functioning of the Administrative office, and it was discussed on the different measures to be taken on mid and long term basis to assure an even stronger office. Since the 41st YEU Convention is approaching, the YEU annual convention was discussed where all the final details were confirmed, and the preparation is in the final phase, so follow us on social media as there will be updates from there in the following days.

Last but not least, we are delighted to inform you on that YEU as an INGYO was selected to take part in the 10th EUYD cycle that focuses on the European Youth Goal #3. The EU Youth Dialogue is a way of making young people’s voice heard in European policy-making processes. 

It was undoubtedly an important and significant meeting for this YEU Governing Board and now we are taking a break in order to boost our energy.



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