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YEU General Assembly – 2023 Summer Edition | Did you register ?

Now it is  that time of the year again. Let’s start!


As you remember, since 2020 YEU has been having 2 General Assemblies in a year – Winter one in November/December and Summer one in June to better respond to the needs of YEU and its membership and Belgian national system. 


The next General Assembly is going to be held online on Friday, June 23th 2023. Remember to add this date into your agenda! We are already excited to hear your insights and experiences. As most of you probably know, we will be discussing the YEU Financial Report 2022, process for the statutory changes and most importantly we will have the YEU Governing Board Elections


Detailed information will be sent to the delegates and member organisations. The most important step is till now, did you register as the deadline is approaching soon? 


We hope to see  all our MOs online! 


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